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Round and Round!

Genesis 4:7 (AMP) 7 If you do well, will you not be accepted?  And if you do not do well, sin crouches at your door; its desire is for you but you must master it.
     We, as Christians, are not immune to the problems or temptations of this world.  In fact, I feel like sometimes we walk around with an invisible bulls-eye painted somewhere on us attracting attention from satan and his minions.
     Cain was jealous of his brother because God had not accepted his offering like He had Abel’s.  He could not ‘master’ the fact that his offering was not acceptable the way he had presented it to God.  He did not trust God.  On a different note, the Israelites wandered in the wilderness for 40 years because they were not able to ‘master’ their grumbling and complaining.  They wandered because they did not trust in God.
     Do you sometimes want to be accepted at any cost?  Do you sometimes wander?  Do you sometimes have trouble with the same temptation?  Does it seem sometimes like you are on a merry-go-round in one area of your life?  Lots of questions but the answer for me would be – yes, at times!  What we have to learn better than Cain and more quickly than the Israelites did is that God is our help.  That our trust and confidence should be in Him and not in any strength we think we have.  He and He alone will give us the grace to fight temptation and win.  He is the Master…He is the Lord.
     My prayer is that I allow God to rule over my life…that my life is not on a merry-go-round of the same problems and temptations…that through Jesus my life is an example of how to trust in the Master of all creation.  How about you?
I pray everyone has a GREAT and BLESSED day.

I’m Walking!!!

Matthew 14:28-30 (NASB) 28 Peter said to Him, “Lord if it is You, command me to come to You on the water.”  29 And He said, “Come!”  And Peter got out of the boat, and walked on the water and came toward Jesus.  30 But seeing the wind, he became frightened, and beginning to sink, he cried out, “Lord, save me!”
     Here is an excerpt from a song that Casting Crowns sings:  ‘But the waves are calling out my name and they laugh at me.  Reminding me of all the times I’ve tried before and failed.  The waves they keep on telling me, time and time again, boy, you’ll never win!  You’ll never win! – But the voice of truth tells me a different story.’
     Are you contemplating getting out of the boat?  Are you even in the boat?  Am I?  Peter was brash and outspoken and he had guts.  He took a chance and put his leg over the side of the boat and got out.  He wanted to be where Jesus was even if it was walking on water.  Do we?  What do we do to get where Jesus is?  Are we listening for Him and to Him?  Do we mind getting ‘uncomfortable’ for Christ?  What would happen if we got out of the boat?
     The voice of truth, Jesus, will not let us sink.  If He has called us to come – to step out of the boat onto the water – He will be there with us every step of the way.  Our spiritual goal is to be where He is at all times.  Because where Jesus is, either out on the water or not, there is peace, contentment, love, grace and mercy.  God is calling us to get out of our comfort zone.  He is calling us to be a light for His glory to a lost and dying world.  And when He calls…He also equips.  He watches over us so that if we begin to sink a little in the water, all we have to do is call out His name and His hand is there for us to hold to.
     My prayer is that I get out of the boat…that if I hear the waves and start to sink I call on the name of my Savior, Jesus…that people around me see who is walking beside me on the water.  How about you?
I pray everyone has a GREAT and BLESSED day.
Psalm 116:12 (NKJV) 12 What shall I render to the Lord for all His benefits toward me?
     What has the Lord done for you?  If you’re like me there are not enough hours in the day or days in the year to describe how good God has been.  Doesn’t matter if I’m up or down – He is still good to me.  But the question begs to be asked…since He has been so good to me, what can I do for Him?
     To be very honest, when I ask myself that, it can make me very nervous.  I understand that I can never repay Jesus for all He has done.  I know that His sacrifice on the cross was a gift to the world.  Yet, I also know that to live my best life in Him, I’m going to get very uncomfortable at times.  Why?  Because He is going to stretch me, mold me and grow me in ways I never thought possible.  I won’t be ‘unequipped’, but He is going to ask me to do things I would never in a million years attempt on my own.  Because of that what I need to ‘render’ to Jesus is my will to do all He needs to do through me.  Is it easy – NO!  But as time goes by I can, with all that is within me, say it is the most remarkable adventure a person could ever have.  The adventure of living a full life in and with Jesus Christ!
     My prayer is that I not forget all the benefits my God has given to me…that I render my will to Him each and every day so I can grow as He wants me too…that I can be a testimony to others of the wonderful adventure to be found in living for Him.  How about you?
I pray everyone has a GREAT and BLESSED day.