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The Right Path

Psalm 119:105-106 (NLT) 105 Your Word is a lamp for my feet and a light for my path.  106 I’ve promised it once, and I’ll promise again:  I will obey Your wonderful laws.
     How do we know the direction God wants us to go in?  How do we know the plans He has for our lives?  By reading and studying His word.  All the answers we need are in the pages of God’s Word.  We can find some direction when we go to church on Sundays and Bible study on Wednesdays.  We can hear bits and pieces from a preacher on TV, the radio or on CDs or tapes.  But when we really get serious about walking in the way God wants us too, then we will get serious about studying the Word of God.
     The Bible will show us where God wants us to be.  It will show us how He wants us to act.  When we begin to know and understand this in our hearts it will help us in our daily walk with Christ.  Every day we need to recommit our lives to Christ.  It is an everyday battle with the flesh to live the way God wants us too.  And the best weapon we have against that battle is God’s Word.
     My prayer is that I never slack up in my reading and studying of God’s Word…that I continually recommit myself to obeying God’s laws…that my life is a testimony to those around me of my wonderful Savior.  How about you?
I pray everyone has a GREAT and BLESSED day.



Continue in Growth…

John 17:26 (NIV) 26 “I have made You known to them and will continue to make You known in order that the love You have for Me may be in them and that I Myself may be in them.”   
     Sometimes when reading my Bible, certain words in a passage of scripture will leap off the page at me.  Today it was – ‘will continue’.  Our salvation in Christ is not where the story ends.  It is only the beginning.
     Here Jesus is talking to His Father…He shows us here that through Him our love, knowledge, trust, faith, and many other things…only grow as we know more and more about the Father.  Our relationship with Christ is supposed to be a dynamic one, not stale or stagnant or in some rut.  The only way we can keep our life in Christ dynamic is to keep our desire for Him passionate.  That takes study of His word, prayer, fasting, and fellowship with other believers.  It takes a willingness to allow Him to be Lord of our lives – all the time.
     My prayer is that I am always willing to allow God to be Lord of my life…that my relationship with Christ never becomes stale or stagnant…that people around me can see the dynamic relationship I have with Jesus Christ.  How about you?
I pray everyone has a GREAT and BLESSED day.