Questions for Thought…


Questions we can study to improve our self-esteem
 1. How does Jesus see me?
2. How does He love me?
3. What does that mean for how I should love and see myself?
4. How does/should His love effect my own sense of self worth?
5. What does the enemy try to make me think/feel in direct contradiction to what Jesus says about me?


E.M. Bounds in his book states, “Praying people are the only people who have influence with God, the only people to whom God commits Himself and His Gospel.  Praying people are the only people in whom the Holy Spirit dwells, for the Holy Spirit and prayer go hand in hand.  The Holy Spirit never descends upon prayerless people.  He never fills them.  He never empowers them.  There is nothing whatsoever common between the Spirit of God and people who do not pray.  The Spirit dwells only in an atmosphere of prayer.”

Jesus prayed.  The apostles prayed.  What makes us think we don’t need to?  If we’re going to place God as the priority of our life – then prayer must become a major part of it.  Communication with Jesus through the Word and prayer is the only way we’re going to know just what He desires for us.  My prayer is that I began a new chapter in my life with Him…one filled with and soaked in prayer!  How about you?


What has happened to holiness in the church?  Why can’t you tell a difference between people who proclaim to be Christians and the people who don’t serve Him? 


Why when we’re in a valley…going through a trial do we cry and plead for God to help – but when we’re on the mountain and everything is going great we forget how and by Whose Grace we got there?

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