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This and that…

Happy Birthday, Markus!

happy birthdayToday is my son’s 33rd birthday.

Weighing in at 3 lbs. 6 oz. and eight weeks early, he scooted all around his NICU bed.  Scooter became his nickname.

Viral meningitis caused him irreparable brain damage but did not dim the happiness in his heart or the smile on his face.

He has blessed many people with his attitude and smile and continues to do so.  He is definitely the happiest person I know.

God truly blessed me as his Mother.

I LOVE YOU, MARKUS!  Just know you’re going to have a great day!

5MC ~~ Home

cottageHome…it’s a word that can mean different things to different people.

Then you have the old clichés: “Home is where the heart is.” “There’s no place like home.” “I left my heart in San Francisco.”  Oops…that’s not one of them is it. ☺

Home to me is a place where I am comfortable.  It is a place where laughter is found and memories are made.  Where I can kick off my shoes and just be myself.  It is my center.

Home is also a place in my heart where the people whom I love that are no longer in this physical world are found.  My sister, my grandmothers, my grandfather just to name a few, are found in my memories of home.

In my fantasy this is what my living room looks like.  It’s where I would read and write to my heart’s content.


From One Season to Another…

To everything there is a season, and a time for every matter or purpose under heaven:

(Ecclesiastes 3:1 AMP)


Lots can happen to a person in a few months, few weeks, few days. Some good…some bad.  You start down one path – one road then determine that it is not where you should be or that a new wind is blowing.  The wonderful thing about a season of change is it can always help you grow as a person if you are determined to allow God to use you.  It can be scary, apprehensive, nerve-wracking, weird, uncomfortable, different, yada…yada…yada. Yet on the flip side, it can also be educational, exciting, inspiring, breath-taking, life-giving, soul rejuvenating.   There can be a million words and emotions to describe moving from one season to another.

I am in the middle of that process.  I learned several months ago that my job was ending.  Same place, same people, same responsibilities, same comfort level for the last 5 years coming to an end.  If I’m not careful, thinking about the changes can make the butterflies in my stomach grow into flesh-eating pterodactyl.  (You know…that dinosaur that used to fly.)  I am not comfortable with the entire process of now finding, interviewing and starting a new job.  If you ask the ‘flesh’ (Bertha) side of me, I always undervalue my experience, my time, my self.  All I really want is to be hired by a good company and do a good job for a fair wage.

He has also called me to a different season with my writing.  I had gotten stale and actually very lazy about it.  But that’s not what He desires.  I write because He gave me the aptitude and talent for it.  They are more His words than mine.  There is nothing that I write that doesn’t teach me something long before anyone else reads it.  So I ask myself – why is it so hard to do sometimes, why can’t I just sit down and type away as the words flow from my mind…

I don’t think it’s asking too much in regards to the job or the writing.

God always has other plans.  He takes us out of our comfort zone.  He stretches us…bends us…pushes and pulls us until we are not who we used to be.  He doesn’t allow us (most of the time) to see what’s just around the bend.  God keeps us guessing and trusting in Him.  Yet no matter how much growth we go through – with Jesus we are firmly planted and tended by His love, His mercy and His grace.  Life in Him and with Him may not always be a ‘picnic’ BUT the excitement, the adventure, the knowing we will someday live with Him for an eternity makes the changing of the seasons of this life worth it.

If you’re going through a season of change, don’t look at the glass as half empty (I do know and understand that sometimes that is hard to do) but look at it as an adventure with the GREATEST person by your side – Jesus!  As change takes place – He is there.  As things change – He is always the constant.  Jesus is the gardener and we’re the tree.  You’d better believe – NO ONE will take more care with you than Him…after all He is the Creator!

Psalm 1:3 (AMP) And he shall be like a tree firmly planted and tended by the streams of water, ready to bring forth its fruit in its season, its leaf also shall not fade or wither; and everything he does shall prosper and come to maturity.