Praying the Word – Psalm 27:1-6

I had a really rough week. Year end in the accounting business can be really stressful and when you are just learning about the industry you work in, it is even more so. I don’t know about you but sometimes I fear if I don’t learn something quick enough or make too many mistakes I might lose my job. As I was reading and studying this morning my prayers turned to this.

Lord, You are my light — my salvation. You are my defender so there is noone or nothing I should fear. Though storms and enemies rage all about me – my hope is ALWAYS in You! I am confident in Your strength and Your faithfulness. Help me in spite of everything to seek Your face so that I may live in Your house forever. My desire is to see Your face – to have five minutes at Your feet. To see the beauty that is You! You shelter me, You conceal me from the enemy, You defend me at all times because I am Your child. I will sing Your praises because You are my God! I will tell joyfully of Your faithfulness because You are my Lord!

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