Can You Hear?

As the moon rotates around the earth and the earth rotates around the sun there is an overwhelming sense of urgency to discover why we seem to be at odds with each other. There seems to be no moral compass for the majority of humans.  It is a ‘do what you feel like doing’ kind of attitude.

Can you not hear the music of the Creator calling us to His side?  Do you notice the underlying heartbeat that He sacrificed for so long ago?  There is a place in all humans that desires something bigger than itself.  That desire was put inside each of us by God to long for Him and His ways.

The dance is the dance of praise because God is worthy!  He is the Creator and above Him there is no other.  Find a quiet place – sit and listen – hear the music of Jesus calling you to Himself – to a relationship with Him.

It will be insane!

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