How’s That ‘Brat’ Attitude Going For You?

1 Kings 21:4 (HCSB) So Ahab went to his palace resentful and angry because of what Naboth the Jezreelite had told him.  He had said, “I will not give you my fathers’ inheritance.”  He lay down on his bed, turned his face away, and didn’t eat any food.
tantrum 2

Question is a tad provocative, don’t you think?

For some being irate is a response when asked the above question and for others it’s a ‘nose in the air’ type of response as if to say – ‘I never get that way!’.

I can say with ALL honesty ~ there are times that I do.  Not pretty…not proud of it…but I know it is something my Lord is still working on.

If you reread the verse above you can just feel the emotion and irritation that Ahab had because he didn’t get what he wanted.  He went to bed.  He wouldn’t talk to anyone.  He didn’t want to eat his supper.  Well BOO HOO!  ☺

I guess my main point is that we, as Christians, get that way with God sometimes.  We ask Him for something – He says no or wait and we get all huffy wanting to throw ourselves on the floor and pitch a fit.  We refuse to listen for His reasoning instead wanting our will not His.  I have to tell you – that can get you into lots of trouble.  (Know from experience.)

Trust!  That’s what it all boils down too.  Trust!  If we don’t get exactly what we want, when we want it, we need to take a step back and allow God to strengthen us in the waiting.  One of the greatest opportunities we have is to draw closer to Jesus when we are in the ‘wait’ mode.  God will definitely never let us down!  That’s His promise!

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