DECIDE ~ It’s All in the Attitude

Decisions.  Decisions.

Some are hard.  Some are easy.

Some take a long time.  Some are relatively quick.

Some you make are good.  Some you make are bad.

Yet, no matter what kind of decision you have to make.  It all begins with your attitude.

My attitude lately has been one of ~ ho, hum…  Nothing really feels right.  The writing just won’t flow like it used to.  I struggle to find that place where words just seemed to flow.

Then I realize that my attitude has not been the greatest lately.  I have not taken the time to just relax.  It has been busy in my little area of the world and I haven’t really stopped long enough to just spend time with God and let Him  put my attitude back in the right shape it should be in.

I have decided to allow the great Attitude Adjuster place me where I need to be so that I can do all that He requires of me with a song and a smile.

God is so GOOD to me!

2 thoughts on “DECIDE ~ It’s All in the Attitude

  1. GiGiMandy

    I’m coming from FMF #61 … Attitude is so important and probably why I am not getting my act together. I’m reminded of a Summer program I did with the children at church. All summer I would yell out “Attitude Check” and they were to respond “Praise the Lord”.



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