5MC ~~ Fly

I just want to say – GOLLY, MOSES!  Trying to write in 5 minutes about ‘Fly’ and my mind just flits from this to that.  One thought to another.

First was the old movie, The Fly starring Vincent Price, I saw when I was a kid.  The most enduring memory of it was the half fly/half human caught in the spiders web crying, “Help me…help me!”  fly

Second thought was a hymn we sang in church when I was little, I’ll Fly Away.

fly away

Can two thoughts be more separate from each other!  ☺

I’ve read some of the other 5 minute challenge bloggers and I applaud their talent.  In five minutes they get together wonderful stories and essays and I can’t seem to have even coherent thoughts that relate.

Oh well, guess today wasn’t my word.

It is fun though!!!

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