5MC ~~ Trust

Trust in the Lord with all your heart.  Don’t depend on your skills.  Give Him the glory for your accomplishments and He will make sure you’re on the right road.

Why do I trust in Jesus?  Because He has always been faithful to me.

When I didn’t listen.

When I was rebellious.

When I put other things in my life before Him.

When I tried to make it without Him.

When I refused to acknowledge Him.

When I allowed my life to become a complete mess and still wanted everything my way.

There is nothing greater than realizing that the relationship you can have with Jesus is truly a very personal one.  It’s not an abstract concept.  It is a friendship, a mentorship, a very real relationship.

He desires us to get to know Him.  Jesus longs for a one on one relationship with each of His children.  TRUST.

Trust Him to be your:










Lover of your soul



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