5 Minute Challenge ~~ Family

We are family….I’ve got all my sisters with me!  Can’t remember who sang that song but the minute I saw the ‘5 Minute’ word it just popped into my head.

Growing up my sisters and I weren’t very close.  Letia is 18 months younger than I and we  had nothing in common.  As different as daylight is from dark.  Abbie is 5 years younger so we had nothing in common either.  She was just a baby to me.

The worst punishment that my Dad could ever give us was to make us stand in the middle of the living room and hug or kiss each other.  I would rather have had a spanking (yes they did that back then and I’m no worse for wear) or grounded me.  But PLEASE don’t make me hug them.  It was awful (or so I felt).

It took me moving away from home and us all 3 growing up to realize the best friend I could have was my sisters.  Love them with all my heart.  Know that whatever all I have to do is reach out and they will come to my rescue.

Missing Abbie is the hardest.


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