Don’t Quit!

James 1:12 (NIV12 Blessed is the man who perseveres under trial, because when he has stood the test, he will receive the crown of life that God has promised to those who love Him.

James says that, ‘blessed is the man who perseveres’.

The verse doesn’t say the one who never fails…who doesn’t fall…who doesn’t go around in circles, but the one who perseveres.  To persevere is to keep going, to keep pushing, to keep fighting for something, to keep on keeping on even when you may not feel like there is any hope.  Because in Christ Jesus there is always Hope!

“I am blessed…everyday, in every way.  I am blessed.  God has been so good to me.  He’s never failed me…He’s never let me down.  All I can say…I am blessed.”

I woke up singing that song and I know God put that song in my heart during the night.  I have been struggling with my own trial lately.  Sometimes I feel like I am about to reach the ‘end’ of the tunnel and then I can see that it is a little longer than I thought.  But when I woke up singing this song…I knew that no matter what is going on all around me…I am blessed!  God is my strength and my song!  And no matter how I feel – my perseverance…my keep on keeping on…will be worth everything when I get to see Jesus face to face, when I get to spend 5 minutes at His feet.

My prayer is that no matter what comes my way I never give up the hope I have in Jesus…that each day I not forget how blessed I am because of my Lord and Savior…that in some way I can make a difference in the life of someone else so that they too will know they are well and truly blessed by God.  How about you?

I pray everyone has a GREAT and BLESSED day.

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