John 20:16 (AMP) 16 Jesus said to her, Mary!  Turning around she said to Him in Hebrew, Rabboni!–which means Teacher or Master.

Mary was distraught and heavy hearted.  The Man who had saved her and resurrected her life was gone.  He had been crucified on a cross.  She had seen Him take His last breath.  Yet, when she went to the tomb she discovered that her Lord’s body was not there.  We can only imagine the thoughts that went through her mind.  When she first saw this Man…she thought she was talking to a gardener.  All she wanted was to know where they had taken her Lord.  I wonder what made her recognize Him.  Was it something in His voice?  The way He looked at her?  But in one split second, she knew that this was no gardener – it was her Lord and Savior…Jesus Christ.

Do we recognize Jesus when He speaks to us?  Do we understand that it is He who gives us comfort?  Do we truly listen for the voice of Christ?  To live in Christ, we must know and recognize His voice.  There are many copycats, lip-syncs and replicas out there trying to take our attention off of Jesus.  And if we don’t know Christ and His voice we can easily get into trouble.  We can’t just take the word of the preacher, teacher or someone close to us.  We must make sure that we draw close to God.  That we read His word for ourselves…that we pray for discernment.  That we seek His kingdom first and foremost and that we can recognize the voice of Jesus.

My prayer is that I recognize the voice of my Jesus…that as I hear Him I obey Him…that my life is a witness to others of His grace and mercy.  How about you?

I pray everyone has a GREAT and BLESSED weekend.

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