Slow down…You Need to Rest!

Mark 6:46 (NASB) 46 After bidding them farewell, He left for the mountain to pray.

Jesus had just fed the five thousand, He sent His disciples ahead of Him to Bethsaida, and now He was spending some alone time with His Father.  He had had a busy day and now He needed to regain His strength. Are we any better than this?

Why do we think that we can go through our busy day…week and not have some alone time with God?  How can we expect to grow in Christ and hear His voice if we’re on the ‘run’ with chores, work, activities and leave no time for Jesus?  I don’t know about you but I am all too guilty of having ‘fast food’ prayer because there are other things I think need to be done.  What we need to remember is…if we give God first place in our study of His word, in our prayer life, in our relationship with Him, in ALL things…then everything else will be just the way God wants it in our life.  He is our Strength…He is our Joy…He is our Peace.  He is ABSOLUTELY all we need!

My prayer is that as each day passes my alone time with God grows…that I not allow outside distractions to take my focus off of Jesus Christ, my Savior…that my life is a testimony of God’s goodness and grace. How about you?

I pray everyone has a GREAT and BLESSED day.

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