‘Out of Turn…’

Psalm 139:4 (ESV) 4 Even before a word is on my tongue, behold, O Lord, you know it altogether.
     Before I get started I just wanted to say…I KNOW God is my creator, I KNOW He knows everything about me, I KNOW He is not surprised by anything I say or do – BUT – when I read this verse it definitely made me stop and think about myself.  I had never seen it in the light He showed me today.
     Even before…that means that what I am thinking about saying or say without thinking He knows.  My heart cries, Lord forgive me!  Help me to be a better person.  Help me to hold my tongue, to control the thoughts that want to become words.  Even beforeCreate a right spirit in me.  Cleanse me of anything that would bring shame to Your name.  Help me to live in You and Your will each moment, each second of my life.  Even before…makes you think about things you’ve said, doesn’t it?  It did me.
     My prayer is that I can have a deeper relationship with Jesus so I won’t have to worry about ‘Even before’…that my thoughts and ways are in sync with the will of my Father…that people around me can see how God is daily changing my attitudes and personality. How about you?
I pray everyone has a GREAT and BLESSED day.

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