Jeremiah 10:23 (NIV)  23 I know, O Lord, that a man’s life is not his own; it is not for man to direct his steps.
     When children first learn to walk, they want to go everywhere.  My daughter was what I called a ‘runner’.  She didn’t walk, she ran everywhere she went and on top of that she had absolutely no fear.  She would run ahead expecting me to find her when she wanted to be found.  Have you ever done this in your relationship with God?  Have you ever gotten ‘ahead’ of Him?
     Sometimes in my relationship with God that is the way I have acted.  I have run ahead of Him, never realizing I was veering off the path He had set for me.  Sometimes knowing I was on the wrong road, and sometimes not realizing before it was too late that I was not where God wanted me to be.  As I have matured in my relationship with Him I have learned it is much easier to stay behind Him and wait and see the way He has for me to go.  Does that mean I still don’t have moments where I try to get ahead of Him…No!  It just means that when I realize what is happening, I quickly call out the name of Jesus and allow Him to direct me to my path.
     We all need to allow God to direct our steps…if we don’t we will not stay on the path God has for each of us.  He is the key to our walk…He is our Lord.
     My prayer is that I walk daily on the path God has set for me…that my life is exactly what God wants of it…that others around me know that my ‘successes’ are because I walk with Jesus.  How about you?
I pray everyone has a GREAT and BLESSED day.

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