I was looking at some of the other blogs written by 31 day challengers and wondered what I was trying to do or accomplish.  It has taken me forever to figure out some of this blog stuff and I still can’t figure out a lot of the formatting.  I see theirs – beautiful and put together.  Then look at mine and wonder if anyone would peruse something that looks so amateurish.  Then I was reminded of the ‘Tree’ and figured I would keep going and maybe learn something about myself and it in the process.


Trees don’t start out big and tall, they all have to start from a seed.  They can be small with different looks and styles depending on the type of tree but they all start in the ground trying to germinate and grow.  Our relationship with Jesus is like that.  No matter who you are or where you come from – your relationship with Christ started out like the seed of a tree.  Only our seed was the desire to serve and worship our Creator.

Our salvation happens the instant we believe Jesus Christ is Lord and ask forgiveness for our sins but our relationship with Him takes time.  Just like any other we have to nurture and grow it.  It is a needful thing to learn more and more about Jesus so that as we grow in Him we learn more and more about ourselves.

Seeds of a tree…seeds of our relationship with Jesus.  Both of them need lots of tending to reach their full potential.  I hope in the coming days to share what I believe can make a difference in how we grow both.

1 thought on “Well…

  1. Candice Jenee'

    I love this post! Thank you so much for sharing your heart.

    The early stages of blog writing (or writing in general) can be intimidating. Wondering if anyone will want to read, if you have the right story to share, will you get the look/format right to attract an audience. Often, it’s just about an audience of One. Writing for the One who put the words there to begin with. Once you write just for him, people like me come along. People who needed these exact words to offer encouragement to where they are today.

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