I was sitting at work today wondering if my second day would be my last for this challenge. I couldn’t think of a thing to write. Lots of snippets but nothing concrete enough that I wanted to commit to paper. I stared out my office window and saw all the trees. Just standing there waiting.

Waiting for the wind to blow through the branches, to stir up the leaves and make that noise only they can make. Waiting for a drop of rain to wash dust off the leaves, saturate the bark and even the ground so the roots can soak up the liquid. Branches lifted high just waiting.

It occurred to me then that sometimes – like the tree – we need to just wait on the Lord. Wait until His breath envelopes us so that if we’re lost, we can find our way. Wait until His awesome holy power showers down on us so that if we’re tired or depressed or disenchanted, we find the strength to press on in Him. Wait with our arms raised praising Jesus no matter our circumstance, our life, or how we feel.

Why? Because Jesus is worthy to be praised…He is deserving of ALL our attention…He is Lord of all.

God bless each and everyone of you!

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