Hey Ladies…God’s Gift to You!

Can you use your imagination for me as I tell a little story—”This Christmas morning as you take in all the beautiful decorations, you discover an extra gift under the tree.  The box is neatly and beautifully wrapped in shiny gold paper with a bright red bow and written on the tag is your name.  As you open the present,  you wonder who it could be from and what it could be in the box. It is not something you were expecting and the anticipation of not knowing what’s inside is almost unbearable.  As you dig past the delicately colored tissue paper, you peer inside and much to your surprise, see yourself.  It’s a beautiful mirror, all shiny and new.  Attached to the corner of the mirror is a note—”From Jesus with love…Here’s looking at My Proverbs 31 Woman.”

The Bible describes the Proverbs 31 woman in the following ways:  she is capable, intelligent, trustworthy, and virtuous, she encourages and comforts, she is financially savvy, she takes care of her family and sees to their comfort and needs.  She covers her family and surroundings with prayers,  she gives sound and Godly advice and knows how to control her tongue.  Idleness is not in her.  She is always busy at something that will not only enrich her but her family as well.  She is also a giving and compassionate person to those less fortunate than herself.  Both her husband and her children are proud of her and boast of her many accomplishments.  Yet most of all, she is a woman who fears the Lord.  She is SUPERWOMAN!

Guess what…I don’t know about you but there is no way…in and of myself that I could ever live up to the description in Proverbs.  When I read it she sounds like the perfect woman.  Knows all, sees all, does all and with no problems.  Is that your life?  I can say with all honesty it is not mine!  How do we get to be her?  How can we find the attributes she has…inside of us?  Is it even possible?

The greatest thing I have learned over time is becoming a Proverbs 31 woman is a gift!  A gift Jesus brought with Him when He came to earth as a baby.  He came as a perfect sacrifice for our salvation.  With it came our ability to choose to live with all the characteristics of our Father.  The woman that I see every time I look in the mirror can be all of the things described above if I allow Jesus to have control of my life.  If I allow Him to be Lord.

You may be thinking…”but Cindy, how can we be that good—how can we be that perfect?”  I know that we can’t—all the time.  But the gift that Jesus has given us is the ability to keep trying to be all that He desires us to be.

Life for us as Christian women is a daily progression towards the character of Jesus.  As we pray, read and study His word, we can see that one of the most important things He requires of us is to love like Him.  Jesus came to this earth as a child because of His love for us.  He lay down His life so that we could learn to love like Him.  He tells us to love one another but not only that—but to love our enemies also.  His love is the kind that sees no skin color, no economic difference, it sees no cultural differences.  His love doesn’t see an addiction but the addict.  It doesn’t see a difference or a problem.  It is the kind of love that puts another first.  That kind of love is the type that the Proverbs 31 woman is full of.

Is it easy to love like that?  No.  But the great thing about the gift that Jesus has given us is the ability to keep trying…to fall and get up again…to make a mistake and learn from it.  We are all a Proverbs 31 women  work in progress.  God knows at what stage we are.  He will teach and equip us for any thing that comes our way.  He has given us all the tools we need to become the woman He desires us to be.  Prayer, communion with Him, reading His word, relationships with like-minded Christians all help us to learn about Jesus.  When we give Him control of our lives and allow Him to be Lord over every aspect of it, He will make us into the Proverbs 31 woman that only He can.  Then—when we look into the mirror…we will see a reflection of Jesus and His perfect love.

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